Before renting your property

We save you the commercial and administrative approaches

During the lease

We manage your property

At the exit of your tenant

We take care of all the steps


Our fees are 6 to 8% of the monthly rent (excluding charges) depending on the type of property, the amount of rent and the number of properties (multi-owners)

These rates do not include:

  • Commission (at each new location): 1 month rent + 21% VAT
  • Entry and exit survey carried out by an independent expert: shared costs between the owner and the tenant, according to the rates of the expert.
  • Establishment of PEB certificate through an accredited certifier
  • Works, interventions of trades, maintenance …
  • Court costs


The properties managed by GestionExpatImmo meet the criteria of our mainly expatriate candidates. These criteria are, among other things, the geographical area, the accessibility and the quality of the property … This is why we reserve the right to refuse a request for a management contract.

We are present in 10 municipalities of Brussels

– Etterbeek

– Ixelles

– Saint-Gilles (Ixelles limit)

– Uccle (Ixelles limit)

– Woluwé-Saint-Lambert

– Woluwé-Saint-Pierre

– part of Schaerbeek (EEC side)

– Auderghem

– Watermael-Boitsfort

– part of 1000 Brussels (EEC / Roosevelt side)

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Rue Abbé Cuypers 3, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgique